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 Professional devices for audio and video surveillance.


The CM-150 mini WiFi camera with a DVR recorder allows remote monitoring of rooms or vehicles with a live view directly on the mobile phone. A wide-angle mini camera placed on a 165 mm long strip can be easily adjusted to the place or object in which it is to be hidden. The main functions of the dev..
Ex Tax:50.00€
Digital voice recorder hidden in the card is the perfect equipment for discreet recording of conversations. Built-in sensitive microphone allows you to record clear sound within up to 100 m2. Device is also equipped with the function of recording after detection of sound above the threshold of 45dB...
Ex Tax:60.00€
The MW-25 stethoscope wiretap is compact device for eavesdropping through walls. The sensitive needle microphone enables the reception of sound and conversations over a wide frequency range. The 10-step adjustment allows you to smoothly adjust the sound to the optimal level. The sound amplifier, apa..
Ex Tax:180.00€
The wiretap kit consisting of the ULX-40L transmitter and the UZ-10 PRO receiver is an effective device for wireless remote surveillance. The set is very easy to use and ready to work right after being turned on. It does not not require any manual tuning or setting. The transmitted sound is crystal ..
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The RX58 is a wireless mini receiver that allows you to receive video in the 5.8GHz band at a distance of up to 1 km. The device supports 40 independent channels, including racing bands. The receiver has two TVOUT outputs and can be connected directly to the WiFi module, DVR or TV. The equipment is ..
Ex Tax:45.00€
The S16E audio recorder is a professional device for discreet long-term conversation recording or monitoring of rooms, up to 1000 days of standby time and up to 1122 hours of work. The voice recorder is equipped with two highly sensitive MEMS microphones, one built-in and the other external, which a..
Ex Tax:180.00€
The SC200-4GLTE camera with a DVR and GPS receiver is a specialized equipment ideal for discreet remote monitoring, surveillance and tracking of vehicles or for use in the field. The device can be used in professional intelligence or detective work or during various meetings and conferences. The eq..
Ex Tax:550.00€
The SC58 wireless mini camera enables discreet transmission of video in the 5.8GHz band at a distance of up to 100m. The device is equipped with a high-quality sensor with a minimum illumination of 0.008 lux, which allows good observation in darker places. The SC58 is perfect for remote monitoring o..
Ex Tax:50.00€
The AC adapter with hidden camera allows you to discreetly record videos, take pictures or record audio only with one push of a button on the remote control. The device also records video when motion is detected. The mini camera is hidden in the body of a standard AC adapter that can be used to char..
Ex Tax:70.00€
The VT58 is a wireless mini camera with a video recorder that allows you to transmit video in the 5.8GHz band at a distance of up to 1km and record movies directly on a memory card. The device supports 40 independent channels including racing bands. The equipment can be used to monitor rooms or vehi..
Ex Tax:60.00€
WF-400B is a professional mini WiFi camera for bodyworn or remote monitoring of rooms. The device enables wireless real-time video transmission with sound and continuous video recording or video recording after motion detection. The camera can be controlled manually using easily accessible buttons o..
Ex Tax:200.00€
WF-580X is a professional WiFi camera for remote monitoring or discreet surveillance. The mini camera is characterized by very high sensitivity and the ability to work in low light. The recorder, in addition to the basic video and sound recording function, is also equipped with a WiFi module fo..
Ex Tax:450.00€
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