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Mobile Phone Detectors

Comprehensive solutions for mobile phones and GPS trackers detection both being during transmissions and switched off. Our equipment is intended mainly for business protection and for uniformed services, in particular the prison service. 


The portable detector CDP-100 allows for efficient detection and location of all types of cell phones regardless of whether they are switched on or off. The product is very easy to use and it is perfect for searching luggage, handbags or personal inspection. Specification Detection of all types ..
Ex Tax:£260.00
The DET-UGT is a professional GPS tracker detector that has an automatic digital system of matching the detection sensitivity to the place of use. Device enables precise detection of both short and long signals, which is important when searching for the latest GPS trackers transmitting information i..
Ex Tax:£277.00
Gateway LXDP-2000 is an equipment designed to detect cell phones and weapons in protected facilities, prisons, state institutions and production plants. Device is fully mobile and autonomous and can work either on batteries or when connected to a power supply. The set can be optionally equipped with..
Ex Tax:£0.00
The LXDT-455TPW passive cell phone signal detector is an ideal solution for monitoring and alerting about unwanted communication via cellular networks in protected facilities, silence zones, detention centers, prisons and government institutions. It is distinguished by high detection efficiency and ..
Ex Tax:£0.00
The LXDT-603 portable passive cell phone detector is a specialized equipment that allows you to track unwanted communication in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G cellular networks. The product is ideal for detecting mobile phones in protected facilities, silence zones, jails, prisons and government institutions. It is..
Ex Tax:£0.00
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