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DET-UJQ - Signal jammer detector

GSM cell phone jammer detector
GSM cell phone jammer detector
GSM cell phone jammer detector
GSM cell phone jammer detector
DET-UJQ - Signal jammer detector
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The DET-UJQ jammer detector is an effective device that allows you to detect interference noise in cellular networks and WiFi / Bluetooth wireless networks before it cuts off communication. The equipment additionally detects jammers blocking the GPS / GALIELO signal. The detector is insensitive to normal radio transmission. The device can be tuned to any installation site. The detector has a NO/NC output that allows integration with an alarm system or video monitoring. The DET-UJQ will be useful:

- in the garage 
- to protect a parking lot or property
- as a supplement to the home / apartment / warehouse  alarm system
- in securing monitoring system composed of WiFi wireless cameras
- in ensuring the stable operation of IoT (Internet of Things) devices


Detection of signal jammers working in cellular and wireless networks - 2G/3G/4G/5G/WiFi/BT
Detection GPS tracker jammers
Automatic analysis of detected signals and verification and confirmation of jamming noise detection
Operating range up to 50 meters depending on the strength of jamming signal
Adjustment of detection range
Elimination of background noise below 500MHz
Non-stop detection - signaling by leds ( green/orange/red - 8 levels)
Relay NO/NC 1.0A output for notifications - integration with an alarm system or video monitoring, connection of a siren / lamp etc.
DC 12 ~ 24V power supply
Current consumption 150mA
Working temperature -5° C ~ + 45° C
Dimensions 116x70x33mm
Weight 170g


DET-UJQ - Signal jammer detector
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