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Jammer Detectors

Signal jammer detectors are used to notify about rf jamming devices in the area and help to locate them that you can take appropriate measures to prevent restrictions and deterioration in the quality of communication channels.


The DET-UJG portable signal jammer detector is an equipment designed to track and locate signal jammers. The device is characterized by high sensitivity and detects all types of jamming noise that cuts off communication in cellular and wireless networks and blocking the proper operation of GPS track..
Ex Tax:460.00€
The LXJD-100 is an effective and precise signal jammer detector for property protection against thefts. It detects all types of signal jammers in cellular and wireless networks and on GPS/GALILEO bands. It allows you to detect interference noise before it cuts off communication. The signal jammer de..
Ex Tax:300.00€
DET-UJN is a professional detector of mobile phone and GPS/GALILEO tracker signal jammer. The device is characterized by high efficiency and work stability. The signal jammer detector is insensitive to normal radio transmission in wireless networks - cellular , WiFi/Bluetooth. The device can be tune..
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