DTEH-200 - Detector of switched on and standby electronics - wiretaps, GPS locators, mobile phones, dictaphones

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The DTEH-200 electronics detector is specialized equipment that allows you to detect and locate all types of electronic devices both switched on or in standby/sleep mode, regardless of whether they are camouflaged in clothing, hidden in a luggage, in a car, in a furniture or in a wall. The product is designed to search rooms and vehicles and for personal inspection. The detector will easily track devices such as:

- explosive detonators
- all types of wiretaps (radio, quartz, gsm)
- wireless microphones
- voice recorders
- audio recorders
- mini cameras
- wireless cameras
- GPS locators
- mobile phones
- tablets
- laptops
- cameras
- other devices containing electronic components



The DTEH-200 electronics detector uses technology that is based on the capture of magnetic field pulses generated by current connections in switched on or operating in sleep mode electronic devices. The detector is equipped with two independent detection channels operating simultaneously ( detector of switched on electronics and precision metal detector) which share the same working zone but have separate ranges. The detection sensitivity can be reduced or increased depending on the operating conditions on each channel separately. Detected devices are signaled by LED indicators and sound, and the intensity of notifications depends on the distance from the detected object and its size. The equipment is very easy to use and does not require special technical knowledge or additional training, and its efficiency and functionality are comparable to non-linear juntion detectors but at a much lower price.

The switched on electronics detector DTEH-200 can be used for professional counterintelligence or detective work, but also for private and business matters. The device can be also a complement to the security system (gates, x-ray scanners) in institutions and facilities where strict control of electronic devices is required, such as:

- an airport
- a military base
- a bank
- a prison
- a government institution
- a place of business negotiations



Technical Specifications:


Detection of all types of electronic devices (on / standby / off)
Detection Range:
    - switched on electronics / standby / sleep mode (wiretap / camera / voice recorder / mobile phone / GPS locator ) up to 15cm
    - metal objects (knife / razor blade / switched off cell phone) up to 20cm
Adjustable sensitivity of detection on both channels (4 levels - min / low / medium / max)
The ability to enable detection on only one of the channels
Electronics detection through various materials such as paper, plaster, wood, plastic, leather, plastics etc.
Signaling by LED indicators - 6 diodes per channel
The ability to turn on / off the sound notification
Working time not less than 4 hours
Powered by 4 AA batteries
Power consumption not more than 150mA
Working temperature 0 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
Dimensions 260x160x30mm
Weight (without batteries) 300g



The kit includes:


DTEH-200 detector
User manual ( PDF )



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