LXAJ-7MX - Portable microphone audio jammer, ultrasonic suppressor - protection against surveillance

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The LXAJ-7MX audio jammer is an ideal solution for securing conversations or negotiations against unwanted eavesdropping and recording by third parties. The device generates ultrasounds - interference noise inaudible to the human ear or on its border, which causes the microphone to record noise or incomprehensible conversation instead of clear sound. Such recording is then useless and digital rotation is not possible. The equipment is distinguished by high damping efficiency compared to other solutions available on the market - 1 emitter is as efficient as 2-3 in other devices. The jammer has undergone a series of comparative tests on various recording devices and against the background of products from other manufacturers always performed best. The equipment, due to its small size and the possibility of operating both on a battery or a power supply, is adapted to portable and stationary operation depending on the needs.

The LXAJ-7MX microphone jammer has been developed and manufactured using the latest available knowledge and the use of the highest quality components. The device provides 100% safety and stability during operation both on battery and a power supply and suppress all types of microphones of recording devices (dictaphones, wiretaps, audio recorders, cell phones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, hidden cameras, laser microphones etc.). The effectiveness and range of suppression depends on the type of the jammed microphone and recording device and the distance from it, the closer the better and the volume of the voice, the quieter the better. To get the maximum effect, you can use two jammers to properly locate them taking into account the specificity of the negotiation site, and the blocking efficiency increases approximately to 1.5-2 times.

The main advantages of the LXAJ-7MX dictaphone jammer are:

- very simple operation
- small size (portable disk, power bank)
- long time work on battery approx. 3-4 hours
- non-stop operation when connected to the power supply
- the generated ultrasonic noise has no negative impact on human health
- high efficiency suppression of recording devices
- great masking with an anti-acoustic cover

The microphone jammer LXAJ-7MX is an effective tool that will significantly reduce the effects of eavesdropping or recording, ensuring confidentiality of conversations. The device is recommended for people who value privacy in both personal and professional life.



When talking / negotiating with 3-4 people, it is recommended to use 2 or 3 jamming devices.


Technical Specifications:


7 emitters generating ultrasound noise
80 ° horizontal and vertical propagation angle
Suppression force approx. 120dB
Jamming range up to 5 meters depending on the type of suppressed device and built-in microphone
Jamming of all types of microphones of recording devices 
Type of interference - ultrasound - inaudible to the human ear or on its border

Work on battery approx. 3-4 hours
Non-stop operation when connected to the power supply 100-240AVC / 5VDC 3A
Battery charging time approx. 5 hours
Working temperature + 5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
Humidity not more than 85%
Dimensions: 140x110x35 mm
Weight 295g



The kit includes:


LXAJ-7MX microphone jammer
Masking pouch - black
AC adapter
User manual ( PDF )



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