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LXDP-2000 - Portal for detection of cell phones and weapons

Gateway for detection of mobile phones and weapons - LXDP-2000
LXDP-2000 - Portal for detection of cell phones and weapons
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Gateway LXDP-2000 is an equipment designed to detect cell phones and weapons in protected facilities, prisons, state institutions and production plants. Device is fully mobile and autonomous and can work either on batteries or when connected to a power supply. The set can be optionally equipped with a wireless network module with an Ethernet TCP / IP socket for integration into existing network infrastructure.  This enables the automated operation of the portal without the need to constantly involve the employee at the checking point.

The LXDP-2000 cell phone detector prevents cell phones and weapons from being brought into prohibited areas. Perfect for:

 - a military base
 - an examination center
 - negotiations or business meetings
 - a prison
 - agovernment institution
 - an embassy
 - a hospital
 - a lab
 - a company
 - an office
 - a school
 - a cinema
 - a theatre
 - a museum

Product will be available soon.


Gate / 2x Pole

Detection of all types of switched on and off mobile phones - 100% effective
Detection of other electronic devices turned on and off depending on their size and construction, e.g. a voice recorder
Detection of dangerous items such as firearms, knives, etc.
Passive operation - no EMC radiation
Inspection zone width 70-90 cm
Six detection zones per pole
Wireless communication with control unit
Insensitivity to items such as keys, belt buckles, buttons, coins, watches, credit cards, jewelry, pace makers, bone implants etc.
Can be mounted to the frame / wall / gratings with clamps
Solid and durable construction
Battery operation > 48 hours
Power supply DC 5V 
Low power consumption 0.5W
Working temperature 0° C ~ +50° C
Dimensions - pole 178x3cm, base 30x20x3cm
Weight - 1.2kg pole, 5.6kg base

Control Unit

Wireless communication with the poles
Graphic notifications on the display and an audible alarm
Wireless connection with a network module TCP/IP - optional
Battery operation > 48 hours
Power supply DC 5V
Low power consumption 1W
Working temperature 0° C ~ +50° C
Dimensions 25x18x5cm
Weight 0.95kg


LXDP-2000 - Cell phone detector gateway
User manual


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