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LXJM-551TPW - Wall-mounted device with TCP/IP to protect against information leakage through cellular and wireless networks

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The LXJM-551TPW device is an ideal solution for securing rooms in the buildings against unwanted communication or unauthorized surveillance in cellular and wireless networks - neutralizes the action of cell phones, GSM wiretaps, 3G / 4G cameras, hidden WiFi cameras. The equipment is characterized by effective interference at low level of radiation and allows to isolate rooms up to 150m2.

The product has been designed to be used 24/7/365 in places where people stay all the time and due to its inconspicuous appearance, compact size and quiet operation, it does not arouse unnecessary interest of bystanders. The device has been equipped with an Ethernet network socket ( TCP / IP ) for remote control using Windows software. It can be easily integrated into the existing network infrastructure.



The device can be used to enforce the prohibition of cell phone communication in various circumstances and places such as workplaces, offices, halls etc. The LXJM-551TPW is great for securing negotiation and business meetings where 100% discretion and confidentiality are required.

The LXJM-551TPW can be used as a separate unit or as a component of the entire system for detecting and blocking cell phone signals with conjunctions with detector LXDT-455TPW.



Technical Specifications:


Supported networks 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / WiFi / Bluetooth
Operating range > 10 meters at a signal strength @ -75dBm
Built-in internal antennas (quarter-wave monopolies)
An external reflecting antenna to amplify the signal in front of device
Very quiet operation - one small fan built-in
Separate switch for wireless networks
TTL socket for automatic activation by detector for a specified period of time in minutes - 5VDC input
Ethernet network socket ( TCP/IP ) for remote control - setting work schedule during one day
Windows software - monitor device operation and events logging
Remote control with a range of up to 5 meters
Signaling with lamps - red / green / yellow
AC 100-220V 50 / 60Hz power supply
Low power consumption 25W
Working temperature 0 ° C ~ + 35 ° C
Dimensions: 270x240x60mm
Weight 1.34kg



The kit includes:


LXJM-551TPW wall-mounted device
Remote control
Power cable
TTL cable
User manual ( PDF )



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