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Privacy Policy

Lynx Electronics LTD take customer confidentiality and security very seriously. We provide our clients with full respect for their privacy and protection of their personal data. We process personal data provided to us in a manner consistent with the scope of authorization granted by the Customer and legal requirements. We never transfer, sell or use the collected data to third parties, unless it is done with the express permission or at the Customer's request. We fully comply with all GDPR rules and regulations in line with data protection act. We never engage in any conversation or give out information about any of our client current or past, this is standard in our business.



What data do we store ?

 - first name and last name
 - e-mail address
 - delivery address
 - data for invoices such as company name, tax ID, etc.


Regarding stored cookies, check the list below.



What do we do with the collected data ?

 - we store for customer information
 - we can use to improve our offer
 - we can use to send e-mail messages about products or promotions




Customer's personal data is stored on servers that ensure their full security. Only authorized employees have access to the database. Each Customer who has provided his personal data to us has full access to them for the purpose of their verification, modification or removal request. Any questions and suggestions relating to the protection of privacy, in particular personal data, please report via the contact form.



What do we use 'cookies' for ?

A 'cookie' is a small file saved on the local disk of the computer which helps to analyze traffic on the websites. It allows you to remember individual page display settings and to choose an offer depending on yours preferences. The Customer may at any time disable the option of accepting 'cookies' in his web browser, although he must be aware that in some cases it may affect the difficulties in using our offer.



Links to other sites

We place links to other websites that we do not administer, and we can not be responsible for the content of these websites or for the degree of privacy protection provided by the administrators of these websites. When making a decision about switching to such websites, the Customer does so at his own risk. At the same time, we encourage you to read the privacy policy implemented by these websites before the customer makes their personal data available to them.




Advertising and promotional materials are sent to Customers e-mails only when they have agreed. This applies in particular to the newsletter sent to the Customer, if the link containing acceptance for receiving the newsletter about current promotions, discounts and news is confirmed.



List of cookies

Name of the COOKIEDescription of the COOKIE
CART Information about the shopping cart
CATEGORY_INFO Information about the categories of the Store, which allows you to display pages faster
COMPARE Information about compared products
CURRENCY Information about the selected currency of the Store
CUSTOMER Encrypted information about the Customer's id in the Store
CUSTOMER_AUTH Information about logging in to the Store
CUSTOMER_INFO Encrypted information about the group to which the Customer belongs
CUSTOMER_SEGMENT_IDS Information about the Customer ID Segment
EXTERNAL_NO_CACHE Information whether the external page cache is enabled or not
FRONTEND Information about the session ID number on the server
GUEST-VIEW Information on the possibility of editing orders by Guests
LAST_CATEGORY Information about the last category visited
LAST_PRODUCT Information about recently viewed products
NEWMESSAGE Information whether the new message has been received
NO_CACHE Information whether you can use the cache
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART Information about the contents of the shopping cart
POLL Information about the ID number used in the surveys
POLLN Information about the polls made in the poll
RECENTLYCOMPARED Information about recently compared products
STF Information about products sent to friends
STORE Information about the language preferences of the Store
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE Information whether the Customer can use cookies
VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDS Information about the ID numbers of recently viewed products
WISHLIST Encrypted product information on the wish list
WISHLIST_CNT Information on the number of products on the wish list



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