Professional wiretap kit - ULX-40L wireless transmitter with the UZ-10 PRO receiver

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The presented wiretap set consisting of the ULX-40L transmitter and the UZ-10 PRO receiver is an effective device for wireless remote surveillance. The device is very easy to use and ready to work immediately after switching on. It does not require any manual tuning or setting and can be quickly installed. The transmitted sound is crystal clear, you have the impression that you are right next to the eavesdropped person, even if the conversation is very quiet. Sound collecting distance is up to 15 meters. The microphone is placed on a 3-meter cable, which allows for its discreet installation away from the transmitter. The receiver is equipped with a headphone jack and allows you to connect an external audio recorder. The high sensitivity of the microphone and the long range of sound pick-up allow it to be used directionally by placing it in a plastic or aluminum tube. The product is intended for very demanding customers.



Technical Specifications:


Transmitter ULX-40L

Working frequancy UHF-A / UHF-B / UHF-C
Stable radio transmission ( crystal clocked ) - 10mW output power - range up to 200-300 meters
Very sensitive microphone on a 3 meter cable - range up to 15 meters - clear sound
Robust shockproof housing
Working time approx. 420 hours
Power supply 2x AA 1.5V battery (R6P / LR6 - alkaline)
Working temperature -5 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
Dimensions of the transmitter 31x73x18mm, antenna 215mm, microphone Φ7mm
Weight with batteries 117g

Receiver UZ-10 PRO

Working frequancy UHF-A / UHF-B / UHF-C
Robust shockproof housing
Working time approx. 30 hours on the internal battery
Power supply 1x 9V battery (6F22 / 6LR61 - manganese)
2.5mm DC 9V power input - extending the operating time if necessary
SMA input for antenna connection
3.5mm output for connecting headphones
2.5mm output for connecting an external audio recorder
Working temperature -5 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
Receiver dimensions 56x21x99mm, antennas 190mm
Weight with battery 170g



The kit includes:


Transmitter ULX-40L
Microphone on a 3 meter cable
Receiver UZ-10 PRO
2.5mm / 3.5mm adapter
User manual ( PDF )



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