S16 - Professional digital audio voice recorder with VAS - VOX sound activation, schedule and encryption of recordings


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The S16 professional audio recorder is an ideal device for long-term discreet recording of conversations or room monitoring, up to 1000 days on standby and up to 1122 hours of operation. The voice recorder has been equipped with two very sensitive MEMS microphones, one built-in and the other external, which allows you to record clear sounds from a distance of 8-9 meters. The external microphone is placed on a 45 cm cable which allows its easy adjustment to the installation site. The equipment has many advanced features that allow you to customize its operation to your individual preferences. The main advantages of the S16 voice recorder are:

- very sensitive both built-in and external MEMS microphone with noise filter - range 8-9 meters
- manual adjustment of recording quality to the conditions in the environment - strengthening of quiet sounds and weakening of loud ones
- AGC (Automatic Gain Control) automatic sound control system
- VOX - VAS sound detection recording mode - 3 levels of sensitivity
- schedule recording mode, specific days of the month and time or cyclically every day at the same time
- system of labels - automatic marking of events with date and time in the audio file - easier and faster analysis of recordings
- encryption of recordings - protection against unwanted access by third parties
- digital signature - verification of the originality of recordings if they have not been modified
- professional software - recorder configuration to suit your needs
- very long working time up to 1122 hours on one charge
- simple and intuitive operation - one function button

The S16 spy digital voice recorder can be used by professionals for detective or counterintelligence work but also by amateurs, for example for parental protection or other private matters. The device is great for collecting evidence and the crystal sound recorded by the voice recorder will leave no doubt what and by whom it was spoken. The equipment is designed for very demanding customers who need to be 100% sure when recording. 


The S16 device has been constructed and manufactured using the latest available technologies and in every respect it outperforms competing solutions available on the market, among others EDIC mini products.




Technical Specifications:


Built-in Knowles MEMS microphone
Knowles MEMS external microphone with a 45 cm cable
Microphone sensitivity -26 dBFS to 94 dB SPL - range 8-9 meters
Recording format .WAV
Audio codecs 16 bit u-law, 16 bit, 20 bit - high quality recordings
Frequency 3 Hz - 13.356kHz
Sampling frequency 8kHz, 16kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz
S/N ( Signal / Noise ) ratio 60 dB
Distortion factor below 3%
Schedule recording - up to 10 specific times or cyclically at the same time every day
Sound detection (VOX) recroding - three levels of sensitivity
The function of manually controlling the level of gain or weakening of the recorded sound -12 dB to 18 dB in 6 dB steps
Function of automatic adjustment of the recorded sound level AGC ( Automatic Gain Control )
Real-time clock
Encryption of recordings
Digital signature of audio files
Label system - beginning and end of file, pressing the function button, activating VOX
Supports micro SD memory cards up to 32 GB
USB 2.0 interface - micro USB charging port
Professional recorder configuration software
Standby time approx. 1000 days
Recording time up to 1122 hours depending on the setting
Battery charging time up to 4 hours
Working temperature -20 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
Dimensions 80x40x8.3 mm
Weight 48 g




The kit includes:


S16 audio recorder
Free Samsung micro SD 32 GB memory card
External microphone
USB cable
USB charger
User manual ( PDF )



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