SC200-4GLTE - Specialist 4G LTE camera with DVR 1080P recorder and GPS / GLONASS locator for remote monitoring

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The SC200-4GLTE camera with a DVR and GPS locator is a specialized equipment ideal for remote monitoring, discreet supervision of rooms, surveillance and tracking of vehicles or live video transmission in field. The device can be used in professional intelligence or detective work or during various meetings or conferences.

The device can work wherever there is 4G LTE cellular coverage. The equipment allows video transmission HD 720P with sound in real time and is equipped with a DVR recorder that allows to record movies with sound in FHD 1080P resolution. An additional advantage of the product is the built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver that allows easily locate an object or vehicle in the field. The device can be controlled manually using easily accessible buttons or remotely using a mobile application (Android / iOS).

The SC200-4GLTE camera has been designed and made of the highest quality components for use in various conditions and circumstances. The main advantages of the device are:

- automatic adjustment of bit rate depending on bandwidth availability
- video transmission in HD 720P resolution
- very efficient H.264 / 265 codec - the ability to change the number of frames per second 10/15/20/25/30
- the ability to simultaneously record video recordings on the memory card and local disk of a smartphone / tablet / iphone - continuous recording and motion detection
- two-way voice communication - telecom
- audio / video transmission encryption and password protection
- the ability to connect an external microphone and any CCTV camera
- built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver for real-time location
- SOS button - sending notification of the current location
- professional and intuitive software for Android / iOS
- solid construction and compact dimensions
- simple and intuitive operation



This camera can be purchased with addtional lenses with M12 mounting thread. Suitable types 3MP 3.7mm pinhole IR, 1.3MP 4.3mm pinhole IR, 2MP 8mm pinhole, 2MP 70mm pinhole IR, 2MP 50mm IR telescope or 5MP 5-50mm IR zoom.


Technical Specifications:


Mini camera 5MP CMOS 1/3 ” - focal length 3.7mm @ F / N2.5, 2mm lens, 92 ° viewing angle
M12 mounting thread for lens
1900 mV / lux-sec lens sensitivity - good image in low or artificial lighting
Support all 4G LTE bands in Europe - B20, B5, B8, B3, B1, B7
LTE antennas (Downlink / Uplink)
Video transmission in real-time with sound, 720P / D1 / CIF stream
Built-in very good microphone and the ability to connect an external microphone - adjusting the sensitivity and range of sound collection up to 10 meters
Pictures in 1080P resolution, JPG format
Two-way voice communication - telecom
Recording movies with sound in 1080P / 720P / D1 / CIF resolution - 10-30 frames per second, AVI format
H.264 / H.265 video codec, G.726 audio (8000Hz mono)
Video compression 1 min. about 5-40MB
Possibility to connect any CCTV external camera using A/V adapter - D1 / CIF video transmission / recording, max. 30 frames per second, D1 photos 
Automatic adaptation of bit rate to the LTE bandwidth 
The ability to download recordings via the LTE network directly from the memory card
Option to enable / disable overwriting of old recordings by new ones (overwrite)
Continuous recording or motion detection - range up to 5 meters
Marking recordings with name, date and time
Notifications in the application upon motion detection
Built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver - real-time positioning
SOS button
Encrypted audio video connection on the internet and password protection
Supports micro SD memory cards with a capacity of up to 128GB
Professional application for Android / iOS systems
Windows software for viewing and recording
Manual operation by one button
Simple and intuitive operation - Plug & Play ( no training or special technical knowledge required)
Power consumption max. 5W - working time on power bank with capacity 10000mAh approx. 10 hours
DC 5V 2A power supply - power bank, USB charger etc.
Working temperature -10 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
Storage temperature -40 ° C ~ + 80 ° C
Dimensions without antennas 85x47x13mm
Weight without antennas 60g



The kit includes:


Mini camera
6 masking buttons / screws
Remote control on cable
A/V adapter
Two LTE antennas
AC charger + USB cable
User manual ( PDF )



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